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Our strategic partners are Consilium Group Advisors.  They are a Washington DC based management consulting firm specialising in public sector management, institutional reform and governance, rule of law and security, economic development, private sector development and capital market reforms.  

Through this strategic partnership, BH Associates and Consilium Group Advisors will bring to our clients the benefits of an international pool of expertise and experience, well equipped to address complex social and economic issues. 

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International Associates

Eva-Egron Polak, Former Secretary-General and Executive Director, International Association of Universities, from 2002-2017; previously Vice-President, International and Canadian Programs, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, from 1998-2002. Eva has led and/or undertaken reviews on behalf of the World Bank; the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding, Romania; Malaysia National Higher Education Strategy Review; Higher Education Authority, Ireland; OECD. 

Andrée Sursock, Former Deputy Secretary General, European University Association (EUA) from 2002 and 2009; previously Head of Development at the Centre for Higher Education Research and Information (CHERI) in the UK. Andrée has been involved in a wide range of projects on behalf of the DAAD, the European Commission, the French government, IEEP-UNESCO, the Irish Higher Education Authority, and the World Bank.

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