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Expertise & Practice


For over 20 years, Boland and Hazelkorn have each led higher education organizations, and provided policy advice to governments and university leaders in all parts of the world.

Services include policy guidance on all levels of education; evaluation and advice on benchmarking and strategic planning; leadership and strategic planning training; international networking, including designing, organizing and hosting high-level policy-sharing and benchmarking seminars and workshops..


Partners & Associates

Our strategic partners are Consilium Group Advisors, a Washington DC based management consulting firm.

Through this strategic partnership we can bring the benefits of an international pool of expertise and experience.

We also work with a team of international experts who have experience across the whole education landscape.


Mr. Tom Boland

Mr. Tom Boland is an international adviser and expert on higher education and research. He has wide experience in leading complex, high performance organizations across a range of public service activities, with strong competence in strategy, organizational and system reform and stakeholder management.


Professor Ellen Hazelkorn

Professor Ellen Hazelkorn is Professor Emeritus and Director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), and international education policy consultant and specialist. She was policy advisor to, and board member of, the Higher Education Authority (Ireland) – 2011-2017, and President of EAIR – the European Society for Higher Education – 2013-2016.

Ellen has expertise across further and higher education policy and system governance, leadership and management; institutional differentiation and system articulation, with particular reference to new universities/higher education institutions; institutional research strategy and national science/innovation policy; national and institutional systems of evaluation and rankings; and across teaching, learning and research in especially in the arts, humanities and social science.