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BH Associates Appointed to Commission on the College of the Future, UK

From demographic change, to technological revolution, from the changing demands of the labour market, to evolving attitudes and expectations of individuals – there are seismic shifts happening in tertiary education across the UK. The newly formed Independent Commission on the College of the Future will be working with partners to answer the question – what does the college of the future look like? 

The Commission will meet five times throughout the year and will be supported by an expert panel who will also feed into the process. In addition there are a number of key support organisations from across the further education and skills sector, including the Association of Colleges, Colleges Scotland, Colleges Wales, the colleges in Northern Ireland, Further Education Trust for Leadership(FETL), Jisc, NOCN, NCFE, City &Guilds and Pearson. 

The Commission will hold a range of roundtable and workshop events with a broad range of stakeholders across the UK throughout the year and will hold a number of public events. The Commission will be producing a final report with clear recommendations to be published in Spring 2020.

Ellen Hazelkorn, Managing Partner, BH Associates, has been appointed to the Commission.

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