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FORTHCOMING EVENT: Public Trust and Accountability in Higher Education

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Washington DC, Wednesday January 31, 11:00 – 12:15 pm

Higher education is under pressure to be more transparent and accountability for its education and research. Almost everywhere a war of words has opened-up about credential relevance, career readiness and cost vs. price. We have traditionally relied on peer-review and self-reporting, but critics (and even some of our friends) are saying this is no longer adequate. This session will examine these issues through an interactive discussion, sparked by provocations. To what extent are students and the “public” distrustful of higher education or are the media and political officials actively encouraging such distrust? Can traditional forms of academic accountability, such as quality assurance and accreditation, continue to deliver public assurance of the quality of institutional performance or are new forms of external verification required? How do we balance different perspectives?



PROFESSOR ELLEN HAZELKORN is a partner in BH Associates and Professor emeritus and Director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)..  She was policy advisor to, and board member of, the Higher Education Authority (Ireland), 2011-2017.

TOM BOLAND is a partner in BH Associates. In August 2016, he stepped down from his role as Chief Executive of the Higher Education Authority, ending over two decades at the most senior levels in the Irish education system. He is involved as chairperson and member of a number of boards in Ireland.

ANDREE SURSOCK is Senior Adviser at the European University Association (EUA). She is involved in a wide range of higher education projects, serves on a number of boards of universities and QA agencies and advises governments on quality assurance procedures.

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