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From Charter to Framework: The Case for Higher Education Provision in Kilkenny

Kilkenny County Council engaged BH Associates to explore the case for a substantial higher education provision in Kilkenny city to support the social and economic development of the city, county, and region through the provision, attraction, and retention of graduates with high-level skills.  

The Report found:

·            There is a convincing educational, social and economic case for locating tertiary/higher education and training provision in Kilkenny with the proposal aligning well with government policy across education –  including meeting growing demand and drawing on policy objectives for technological universities.

·            The proposal also aligns well with regional policy, especially as regards providing counter-weights to Dublin, based on making the South-East region more attractive than it currently is. 

·            The inclusion of Kilkenny as a campus of a multi-campus technological university in the South-East would enhance the development and impact of the university. 

·            Provision should leverage off regional/local expertise and strengths (in craft/design, agriculture, and/or animation – as well as history/culture and heritage/tourism) in order to establish a national centre of excellence so that it strengthens the region’s attractiveness nationally and internationally and builds sustainability.

·            Smart specialisation strategies provide opportunities to deepen partnerships between PACE (agri-tech) and NDIH (design) with enterprise and regional authorities to contribute to, and strengthen, innovation and regional development.

Full Report is available here.

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