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Ellen: Policy Reports and Publications

Policy Reports and Publications

Ellen is internationally recognised for her writings and analysis of rankings on higher education and policy:

Rankings and the Reshaping of Higher Education: The Battle for World-Class Excellence, 2nd ed. (Palgrave, 2015);

Global Rankings and the Geopolitics of Higher Education (Routledge 2016);

Rankings and Accountability in Higher Education: Uses and Misuses (UNESCO, 2013), and

Rankings in Institutional Strategies and Processes: impact or illusion? (EUA, 2014);

Developing Research in New Institutions (OECD, 2005)

Other publications include: 

Research Handbook on Quality, Performance and Accountability in Higher Education (Edward Elgar 2018 July)

GUNi World Report 6: Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the Global with the Local (UNESCO, ACUP and UNU, 2017);

The Impact and Future of Arts and Humanities Research (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016);

The Civic University: Meeting the Leadership and Management Challenges (Edward Elgar 2016);

Policy reports authored/co-authored include, inter alia:

What Does Global Higher Education Mean for University Leaders? Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK. (2017);

Towards 2030: a framework for building a world-class post- compulsory education system for Wales. Review of the oversight of post-compulsory education in Wales, with special reference to the future role and function of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW). Welsh Government, UK. (2016);

Science Education for Responsible Citizenship, Report of the Science Education Expert Group (SEEG). DG Research and Innovation, European Union (2015);

Report of International Panel, Review of Finnish Higher Education System, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland (2015);

Rankings and Quality Assurance: Do Rankings Measure Quality? Policy Brief, Council for Higher Education Accreditation [CHEA], U.S. (2015);

Higher Education in Regional and City Development: Wroclaw, Poland. OECD (2012);

Higher Education in Regional and City Development Autonomous Region of Catalonia, Spain. OECD (2010);

Higher Education in Regional and City Development. The State of Victoria, Australia. OECD (2010);

Threefold Differentiation for the Sake of Quality and Diversity in Higher Education. Recommendations of the Committee on the Future Sustainability of the Dutch Higher Education System. Ministry of Education, Netherlands (2010);

Assessing Europe’s University-based Research, EU Expert Group on Assessment of University Based Research, DG Research and Innovation, European Union (2009)


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