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Universities Act 1997
An act to establish universities, to provide for their governance and to make provisions for matters relating to staff, planning and financial scrutiny and accountability.

Education Act 1998
This Act provides generally for primary, post-primary, adult and continuing education and vocational education and training.  It provides for the recognition and funding of schools and their management through boards of management; for an inspectorate of schools and for the role and responsibilities of principals and teachers.  It established the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

Qualifications (Education and Training) Act, 1999
An act to establish an administrative structure for the development, recognition and award of education and training qualifications and to put in place a system for quality assurance in the Irish higher education system.

Education (Welfare) Act 2000  
An act to provide for the entitlement of every child to a minimum education, the establishment of the national educational welfare board, the coordination of its activities and those of certain other bodies in so far as they relate to matters connected with school attendance, the identification of the causes of non-attendance on the part of certain students and the adoption of measures for its prevention.

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act 2000
The Act established a commission to inquire into child abuse in institutions in the state and provided for the publication of a report containing the results of its investigation and recommendations for the protection of children from and the actions to be taken to address any continuing effects of child abuse on those who have suffered it.

Teaching Council Act 2001
An act to promote teaching as a profession; to promote the professional development of teachers; to maintain and improve the quality of teaching; to provide for the establishment of standards, policies and procedures for the education and training of teachers; to provide for the registration and regulation of teachers; to establish the Teaching Council.

Vocational Education (Amendment) Act 2001
An act to amend the law relating to the membership of vocational education committees, to make provision in relation to the performance by vocational education committees of their functions and in relation to expenditure by vocational education committees.

Youth Work Act 2001
An act to extend the functions of vocational education committees in relation to youth work and to provide for the development and co-ordination of organisations and bodies engaged in youth work.

Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002
An act to provide for the making of financial awards to assist in the recovery of certain persons who, as children, were resident in certain institutions in the state and who have injuries that are consistent with abuse received while so resident.

Education for persons with special educational needs Act 2004
An act to make provision for the education of people with special educational needs,  to provide that people with special educational needs have the same right to avail of, and benefit from, appropriate education as do their peers who do not have such needs, to assist children with special educational needs to leave school with the skills necessary to participate, to the level of their capacity, in an inclusive way in the social and economic activities of society and to live independent and fulfilled lives, to provide for the greater involvement of parents of children with special educational needs in the education of their children, to establish the national council for special education and to define its functions.